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hCG Fat Loss / Body Sculpting formula.

Fast and Safe Fate Loss Diet.

Homoeopathic Sub-lingual hCG Spray - Based on the work that Dr Simion did with hCG back in the 50's.
Tired of the weight loss merry go round of slow painful weight loss only to quickly gain it all back again?
Well, here really is the answer.
Guys - Loose up to 1 Kg per day safely.
Girls - Loose up to 0.75 Kg per day safely.

This is not your average diet.
You don't feel hungry on this diet.
This diet directly targets only the problem areas where your body has stored excess energy (fat).
It does not touch your vital structural fat or your muscle mass (like most other diets do).
When you receive this product, you will also receive a booklet giving you all the information you need to be able to make this diet work.

The booklet tells you exactly what you can eat and the caloric value of each of the items.
it also outlines how to do the diet (the 3 phases of the diet).  Please also note, I am willing to answer questions on the phone or (preferably) by email (philip@msmaustralia.com.au)

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