Part ID MSM0600 MSM - Pure Organic Sulfur 600g Jar. Approximately 200 teaspoons. Thats about 3 months supply based on 2 teaspoons a day. PLUS FREE SAMPLE of TRUE Himalayan Salt

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Part ID MSM0500 MSM - Pure Organic Sulfur 500g Ziplock Pouch. Thats about 5 months supply based on just under 2 teaspoons a day. PLUS FREE Samples of TRUE Himalayan Salt

Nourishes and fortifies tissues and Cells. Contains over 99% Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and under 0.5% Moisture.

Purchase your Organically Sourced MSM. No petrochemicals here. Not from China, not irradiated, not mixed with any fillers, expanders or binding/flowing agents.

PLUS FREE 2 Samples of Himalayan Salt. Both Fine and Course granules.

Replace your petrochemical sourced (probably) table salt with good-for-you Himalayan salt.

Himalayan Salt has 84 minerals, all the trace minerals we need, with none of the harmfull stuff or the moden day pollutants.

This salt was sea salt laid down thousands of years ago when everything was pristine (before we polluted it).

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