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We guarantee 100% satisfaction. This means you can return any purchase unused, and in "as New" condition within 4 weeks from date of purchase and obtain a prompt exchange or refund on your purchase. Delivery and handling charges on returns are non-refundable. Please send your receipt so that we can process the return more quickly.

All items have been included in good faith on the basis that the goods, as described, will be available at the time of sale. A failure by supplier to deliver in accordance with the sample, description or at all, or other unintentional causes, may result in some lines being unavailable.

If a substitute for a line can be used, then we may supply the substitute (for example, if you Order a 100g Jar Calm Cream, and we only have 50g Jars in stock, we may substitute 2 X 50g Jars to make up the 100g (no extra charge to you)).

If a line is unavailable and cant be made up, we will contact you directly before processing your Order, and before charging your Credit Card.

For more information on our Guarantee or to arrange for a refund or replacement, please contact us.